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    X-Men: Schism #4 Variant by Frank Cho

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  3. I’m sorry you can’t have a marvel poker game without Gambit. Probably didn’t invite him because they knew he would clean them out……

  4. We’ve had our moments. They’re not enough, they’ve made me greedy. Ah want a lifetime.

  5. As much as I love Wolverine I’m getting kind off sick of him….There are other good characters that deserve a chance to have their stories told.

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  6. That moment when you were reading a really good fanfiction and can’t find it again…. 

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    Final Trailer for X-Men: Days of Future Past

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    {That bitch made me so mad… I swear… It’s not that hard to be polite to someone, even if you’re not interested in them on a romantic level. UGgggg you guys have no idea how passionate I am about that.


    #this #sit the fuck down I’m about to give you some frickity fracking life advice #don’t be a cunt. # you never know who’ s gonna turn into a star-spangled sex god. 

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  9. natalia-romanova asked: gambit or deadpool?

    Sorry Deadpool, Gambit will always be #1…

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    New photo release from X-men: Days of Future Past