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    Uncanny Avengers #23

    "Please, God—Don’t make me live through this again!" 

    Remender, you should listen to Rogue, cause her fans don’t want to deal with this shit either. 

    It pains me to say that I called this. I wish very much that I’d been wrong.

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    well he wasn’t lying about one thing

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    Rogue’s Rescue Sequence

    A compilation of excerpts from the leaked early draft of the script, behind the scenes footage, and shots from the sequence which made it to some of the promotional materials. Not sure how the final thing is going to look, though. The specs for the Blu-ray of the theatrical cut does not list the sequence in its deleted scenes. It makes sense to save it up though since there’s an extended/alternate cut coming next year.

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    I was going to draw something like this for fanbook cover. It is more or less of what I think about Days of Future Past…

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  7. marcusto:

    more sketching today. Wanted to draw some Gambit and Rogue for a while. Though thought it would be fun to mix it up a bit.


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    Steve Rogers taking the Ice Bucket Challenge.

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    Well… thank you for the Porn Mr Hiddleston

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